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Dog prams

Dog prams

Are you and your loyal four-legged friend no longer able to enjoy the outdoors together? Discover the InnoPet dog prams.

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InnoPet offers premium quality dog ​prams for all types of dog sizes and for every situation.

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Bike trailers

Bike trailers

Do you love cycling? Enjoy long distance cycling tours with our bike trailers. Suitable for every weight and every size.

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InnoPet offers premium quality bike trailers for all types of dog sizes and for every situation.

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More products

Check out our other products and find the perfect fit for you and your dog.

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InnoPet cashback actie 2023

Receive up to €75 / £65 cashback on all InnoPet products

Want to get up to €75 / £65 cashback on your new InnoPet product? If you purchased an InnoPet product in the period from 30 October 2023 to 31 December 2023, you will receive a cashback of up to €75 / £65.

How does it work?

  • Buy any of the InnoPet products that are included in this campaign from 30 October 2023 to 31 December 2023.
  • Register your product by 14 January 2024 using our cashback registration form. Complete the questions and upload your receipt.
  • After registration, we will review your submission. Please note that only registrations including proof of purchase can be processed.
  • Once approved, we will transfer the cashback amount to the bank account number you provided within 6 weeks.

For all the rules of this campaign, please see our terms and conditions.

Terms & conditions in euros   Terms & conditions in pounds


Which products are included in the campaign?

All InnoPet dog prams and bike trailers are participating in the cashback campaign. Below is an overview of the featured products and the cashback amount for each product.

Product Prod. code Cashback
InnoPet All Terrain IPS-01 €10 / £10
InnoPet City Hopper IPS-032 €10 / £10
InnoPet Avenue IPS-033 €10 / £10
InnoPet City IPS-037 €10 / £10
InnoPet Allure IPS-034 €20 / £15
InnoPet Monaco IPS-035 €25 / £20
InnoPet Adventure IPS-036 €25 / £20
InnoPet Mamut IPS-038 €25 / £20
InnoPet Urban IPS-065 €25 / £20
InnoPet Comfort EFA Eco IPS-071 €25 / £20
InnoPet Comfort Air Eco IPS-041 €30 / £25
InnoPet Premium Cozy IPS-080 €30 / £25
InnoPet Sporty Dog Trailer Deluxe IPS-055 / IPS-056 €50 / £40
InnoPet Sporty Evolution IPS-057 €50 / £40
InnoPet Hercules (also including bike kit) IPS-060 €75 / £65
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Our customers' favorites

InnoPet Premium Cozy
InnoPet has designed the top-of-class Premium Series of dog prams, to ensure your fur-baby is afforded a superior level of comfort and enjoyment, with every detail considered.
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InnoPet Comfort Air ECO
The InnoPet Comfort Air ECO has maximum comfort thanks to the large pneumatic tyres, a spacious lying surface, strong fastening lines and lots of ventilation. Only the best for your loyal friend.
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InnoPet Sporty Dog Trailer
The Sporty Dog Trailer is more than just a dog stroller, it is the perfect way to enjoy all your favourite activities with your best friend. You can use it for both walking and cycling!
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