Their pet is allowed in stores and shopping malls again!

A dog tied to a post while waiting for its owner. This is a situation that you often encounter when you go to a shop or a shopping mall. Not being able to take your four-legged friend inside doesn’t just feel pathetic, it is. Dogs feel abandoned at the moment they are left outside the store or mall for a moment and are not sure whether their owner will come back. The main reason why pets are not allowed in a shop or shopping mall is because of safety or hygiene reasons. But you just want your four-legged friend (without being a burden to others) to be able to go inside the store. You just don’t want them  to stay at home when you are going out for a while? Keep you family close and enjoy life together.  The pet stroller offers the solution here.

Safety first

First of all, with the pet stroller you can guarantee the safety of your pet and the environment because the dog is high and in a closed cabin. This protects your dog against unexpected situations in a store or shopping malls, so that startle response are minimized. Because your four-legged friend is in the stroller, the store owner’s belongings cannot be damaged and you no longer have to tie your dog to a pole before you want to enter the store. That is not only a nice feeling for yourself, but also for your dog!

In addition, the pet stroller ensures that your pet feels much safer in a busy shopping center. Small dogs in particular can be easily stepped on because they are easily overlooked. Nothing is more annoying than constantly having to watch where you walk to protect your dog from the footsteps of people. As soon as your small pet can go shopping in a stroller with you, this problem will be a thing of the past thanks to the pet stroller!

Hygiene is guaranteed

Also, to the safety that shopkeepers want to guarantee for their customers, many shop owners find hygiene an important reason to keep your four-legged friend away outside the store. The thought one has in a dog is a drooling, furry dog ​​that can quickly get the clothes or other products dirty in a store. We know of course that this doesn’t always have to be the case, but starting a discussion and explain why they should allow you in their store is annoying to have to do every time.

So it’s time to avoid discussion and take your dog with you in a pet stroller. Because the cabin of the pet stroller can be closed, it does not come into direct contact with the products of the store and hygiene for the retailer can be guaranteed.

But a dog should be able to walk, right?

Sure, that is certainly true, but if your dog can no longer do this or is exhausted after a long day, the pet stroller is the solution par excellence. If your child is tired after a day of shopping, he can also rest in a pram, right? Give your dog the same comfort as your child!

In conclusion, having a pet stroller ensures safety and hygiene for store owners and deprives them of a reason to refuse your pet at the store. Besides, your pet loves it a lot because they have maximum comfort 😊

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