IPS-038 OB InnoPet® Buggy Mamut

New in our range the InnoPet® Buggy Mamut

This trailer is unique in its kind due to its stability and ease of use. This trailer is suitable for several small breeds or for example a dog up to a maximum of 50 kilos! With this great buggy, InnoPet finally has a means of transport for the larger/heavier breeds in the range. It will allow the client and his or her dog to enjoy all the daily routines such as walking and going out together. A rain cover is included for free with the Buggy Mamut !!

* The sturdy construction supports up to 50 kg

* Plenty of room for the dog to sit or lie down comfortably.

* The multiple openings provide good access and ventilation.

* The light frame of just 10 kilos makes this buggy easy to maneuver.

* Easy to remove wheels. Quick release system.

* The tires offer excellent shock absorption

* The tires have a diameter of 18 cm at the front and 25 cm at the rear.

* The push bar is at a comfortable height 98 cm

* Foot control lever, for maneuvering over curbs and obstacles.

* The storage bag on the back allows you to carry snacks and essentials.

Please note this buggy comes with a free rain cover !!

Cabin dimensions: 80(L) x 50(W) x 70(H) cm

Dimensions of the buggy: 102(L) x 67 (W) x 98(H) cm
Dimensions folded: 89(L) x (67(W) x 34(H) cm

Net weight 10.3 kilo

Color: Ocean Blue




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