IPS-055/AT-GT InnoPet® Sporty Dog Trailer incl. grooming table

New-InnoPet Sporty Dog Trailer incl. grooming table-New

Now available. Sporty Dog Trailer incl. grooming table

Excellent for people who go to dog shows. The grooming table has a length of 80 cm and is 38 cm wide. The patented InnoPet mounting clamps are mounted on the bottom and on the sides of the table for excellent stability. The surface of the grooming table has an anti-skid surface and the unique thing about this table is that we have realized various storage options in which you can, for example, place combs and brushes so that they are immediately within reach. You can lift the table after use and secure it to the rear of the InnoPet sporty dog ​​trailer so that it can easily be taken along.

  • Weight of the grooming table 3.0 kilo
  • Maximum load: 15 kg
  • Dimensions: 80 x 38 cm
  • Including anti-skid surface

Specifications Sporty Dog Trailer

The InnoPet® Sporty Dog Trailer Deluxe is a bicycle trailer and dog stroller in 1. The stability of this trailer is perfect. The Sporty Dog Trailer Deluxe is equipped with high quality pneumatic tires. The comfort is therefore very high! The Sporty Dog Trailer Deluxe comes in a Full Package version.

  • Trailer weight 13 kg
  • Max load 30 kg
  • Push bar adjustable in height up to 104 cm
  • Wheel size rear 16 ″
  • Wheel size front 8 ″
  • visibility flag
  • connector for attachment to bicycle (suitable for most E-Bikes)
  • parking brake
  • 3 security leashes inside of the cabin to attach your dog for more safety
  • Stroller kit (adjustable in height)
  • rain cover
  • mat in the trailer
  • Color: Red / light gray / Orange / Black Gray / Light gray



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