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35 Reviews total
Average experience
Made an old boy happy
Posted on 24-07-2024
The Hercules 2 feels so sturdy. It’s everything we needed. It’s made our old boy so happy! I’m hoping we get many more years with him and his new found freedom. The carriage is very spacious. It’s easy to push, even with a heavy dog sat in it. We are very pleased with it!
Hercules 2.0 buggy / bike trailer
Posted on 11-07-2024
After much research we decided to go for the Innopet Hercules 2.0 XL dog buggy and the connecting rod so we can use it as a push along buggy as well as with our pedal cycle. It is really well designed, so easy to put together and take apart with no tools required. It feels sturdy and light weight to manoeuvre. We have as a family 3 Jack Russell’s. The 2 boys are approaching senior years, so having the big buggy means they can both have a rest should they need to on bigger walks. We love cycling, and this is a perfect way to take our furry family with us. They seem to be enjoying it. So far, so good. It is one of the more expensive brands, but we have had cheaper buggys and bike trailers previously, and the quality on this one is way superior. Recommended.
Happiness all way round!
Posted on 09-07-2024
My best friend Hiro has injured his crucial ligament and has been advised by a veterinarian to keep his walks to a minimum. Hiro loves being outdoors just like us, we didn’t want to confine him indoors whilst he is recovering from his injury. After doing some research we have come across Innopet Hercules and ordered it without a hesitation after reading all the amazing reviews. Delivery was incredibly quick, Hercules was very well packed but easy to open and assemble- so easy I didn’t even have to look at instructions! First impressions were great, the quality of the materials and build are top end and it also comes with two year warranty. It took only two times to teach Hiro to go in and out the strolled thanks to two openings, one at the front and one at the back, back flap has also got a pocket where you can put a Leadrope, treats, poo bags etc. Hiro can now enjoy the outdoors more from the comfort of his stroller Hercules and we couldn’t be happier about our purchase Highly Recommended!
The adventures we never thought we’d experience again
Posted on 09-07-2024
We’ve had our 2 rescue dogs, Harry and Holly, for almost 11 years - they were found abandoned together. They mean everything to us. We’ve travelled extensively across Scotland and also to the rest of UK and France with them but Harry’s mobility due to arthritis and cruciate ligament damage has meant his walks have recently become shorter and we could no longer walk altogether as a group of 4. The InnoPet Hercules 2.0 has changed all of that - we’re back out having adventures as a family. Harry and Holly LOVE walking together and when Harry becomes tired or very slow, he hops into his buggy to rest and recharge while the adventure continues , and he can get out later on to walk some more. We’ve even had both dogs in the buggy together during a long walk recently! This allows us to visit the places we’ve loved to visit in the past and new ones too. We’ve had the buggy on beaches, on mountain paths, on ferries to remote islands, in towns, forests and countryside. It enables Harry to be active and mentally stimulated, it keeps Harry and Holly together as they have been throughout their entire lives and we can walk together as a family of 4. It’s rare to see dog buggies in Scotland but we’ve had so many dog owners ask about it for their elderly pets, I’m sure we will see more. I wish I’d bought this buggy a year ago. It’s a game changer for us and given our old dogs a brand new lease of life. Thank you!
Holiday saver
Posted on 13-05-2024
I had already decided that when the time came for either of my labs to need a buggy then this would be the one to get from reading reviews. Whilst on holiday in Cornwall my Labrador, Jaffa tore her cruciate on the beach on the first day of the holiday. I thankfully was able to hire one of these buggy’s to get her round for the rest of the holiday. If it wasn’t for this, we would have had to have gone home. The buggy handled really well even on the beach and it was easy to collapse down and take the wheels off. Thankfully I didn’t need to use the rain cover. I think the flap on the rear pocket for the rain cover could be bigger as once got out and trying to get it back in there, it doesn’t close properly. Using the buggy for the week enabled me to give it a thorough test drive of it and I ordered one to be delivered when we returned home. It has continued to be invaluable with getting Jaffa out and about whilst she waited for surgery and now post surgery. When it is no longer required I plan to keep it for my labs as they get older, but in the mean time if any of my friends with dogs need the use of a buggy, then their lives can be made easier with the use of this buggy.
Baileys Buggy
Posted on 12-02-2024
Bailey loves her Buggy. She now gets to continue adventuring, seeing all the sights and smells with her sister. We’ve been on forrest & beach excursions. I find it super easy to push (and she’s 34kgs) and putting it together was a dream. High Paw 🐾 Rating from Bailey.
Robust buggy
Posted on 09-02-2024
We have had our innopet Hercules 2.0 for nearly a year. Our 50kg Labrador loves it as he gets to come everywhere. It is very robust and well made. There is only two small things I think could be improved. The handle moves up and down slightly which is annoying, also the wheels have little plastic parts which pop out if you are not vigilant and lose one, you can not put the wheel back on. I searched for spares just incase but could not find them. Otherwise this buggy is great.
Best purchase ever
Posted on 17-12-2023
Love the product. Most of the reviews we read were based on using the Hercules 2 to transport their loved ones due to having mobility problems. We wanted to have the freedom whilst on holiday to connect to our electric bikes so that we would have the freedom to travel around when travelling home and abroad with our electric bikes. So easy to assemble and dismantle to store. You won’t be disappointed with the quality. Added benefit is the rain cover. Although not cheap it is a great buy. Not like a Chinese copy that will not last and quality poor
New lease of life
Posted on 02-12-2023
We bought our Innopet for our springador’s 11th birthday. Delylah struggles with arthritis and has slowed down a lot. She has swollen paws and prefers to walk on soft ground. We could see she wasn’t enjoying parts of her walks as much. Now we can deliver her to the beach or park, cutting out the boring parts for her. It also means we can walk further while she snoozes in her carriage. So many people stop to ask us about her wheels and we have nothing but praise for the impact it’s had on her and our lives. It really has given her a new lease of life. Oh and it even matches her beloved frisbee!
A great chariot
Posted on 10-11-2023
My Reggie can now go to the beach when we go on holiday . So glad we got him a chariot! Very pleased with it.
Posted on 09-11-2023
Easy to assemble, easy to push, comfortable for my old girl! She’s heavy for me but I managed to push her through wet fields
Wheels for Flossy
Posted on 05-11-2023
Flossy no longer gets left behind. Her new wheels are easy to transport. A dream to maneuver. She's now able to join her family on off road hikes without causing herself painful joints that keep har and us awake at night. Really pleased with our Innopet Hercules. Wish we'd bought it years ago.
A game changer!
Posted on 30-10-2023
We purchased this stroller for our elderly spaniel, who has arthritis. It has been a real game changer for our family – now we can enjoy the long walks in the country that we used to, without risking injury. Our dog is very happy to hop out for a little run, and then go back in for a rest. The buggy is excellent quality, with a great build, and is easy to fold and unfold. the storage compartment on the rear flap is particularly useful! The only improvement that could be made would be if the handle was adjustable – my husband is very tall, and has to bend down in order to be able to push it. If the handle could be extendable so it could be a little higher for those who are taller, that would be the absolute perfect stroller. However, compared to other options on the market for dogs of this size, this is the bees knees ! We have absolutely no regrets, and have already recommended it to others.
Duggy, our doggy buggy
Posted on 21-10-2023
We like the design and build quality. Robust product that allows us to walk much further afield with our ageing Lurcher, Holly. She can hop in and out when she wants and is quite happy being chauffeured in her Hercules. We have a padded mattress on the base for extra comfort then place a blanket over Holly when it is cold. She weighs 24 kgs and is about the size of a Border Collie. Holly can stretch out comfortably and turn around with ease.Prior to buying we hired a Hercules for a day from a pet shop in the Lake District, Cumbria. (Pet shops in both Ambleside and Keswick rent out Inopet Strollers)Holly took to it straight away and was quite comfortable on tracks and some rough terrain. Great stroller, we are very pleased with our purchase.
Alfie’s New Transport
Posted on 18-10-2023
Excellent information on the website and arrived within two days of purchase. Had our maiden voyage today with great success. Our black Labrador Alfie walked for a while until he needed to give his joints a rest due to arthritis. He climbed into the stroller without needing too much encouragement then laid down and enjoyed the view for the rest of the walk. The pneumatic rear tyres made the ride very comfortable for him. We found the storage pockets in the rear section very useful. Overall very happy with our purchase 👍🏻
Rolls Royce
Posted on 04-10-2023
Onze Google is een oude man van 13,5 (grote/standaard Australian labradoodle) en helaas sinds de nodige gezondheidsproblemen niet meer zo mobiel. Nu heeft ie een "zusje" van bijna 2 die wat meer uitdaging nodig heeft. Het is dan ook ideaal om hem mee te kunnen nemen naar een losloopgebied, haar eerst ff uit te laten razen en hem dan lekker te laten scharrelen en snuffelen tot hij moe is. We noemen de innopet hercules zijn eigen Rolls Royce, want zo voelt het, privé, luxe, degelijk en mooi uitgevoerd. Ideaal en supersnel inklapbaar om weer in de auto te doen! We zijn hier heel blij mee en hopen dat Google er nog heel lang plezier van zal hebben!
New lease of life
Posted on 29-09-2023
We invested in the Hercules as our old Labrador was struggling with his walks , he’s 12 in December. We used to walk for miles but now only the shortest stroll and he’s tired, this stroller has made such a difference, he can have a short walk to go to the toilet, then we can pop him in Hercules and off we go happy pup happy us x Here he is at the coast with the ships behind x
The total package; kwaliteit, comfort en gemak!
Posted on 10-09-2023
Ik ben erg blij met mijn nieuwe Innopet Hercules 2.0! Hiervoor heb ik een Innopet Sporty gehad. Ook een ontzettend fijne buggy, maar nu mijn Mechelse Herder pup flink groeit is het tijd voor een ruimere buggy. Ik maak graag lange wandelingen en wil dat mijn jonge hond comfortabel mee kan daar hij nog niet zover mag wandelen. Ik was opzoek naar zowel een comfortabele buggy voor de hond met voldoende ruimte om in te liggen als wandelcomfort voor mijzelf. Ik ben uitgekomen bij deze fantastische kar die zich makkelijk laat meenemen in de auto. Die wielen gaan er met het eenvoudige kliksysteem gemakkelijk van af en met twee klikken vouw je de buggy in elkaar tot een compact meeneem formaat. Het is prettig dat de duwstang op twee manieren gepositioneerd kan worden. De buggy is zeer makkelijk te besturen op allerlei ondergronden door de luchtbanden en het zwenkwiel. De hond kan er aan zowel de voor- als achterzijde gemakkelijk in en uit. Het vele gaas geeft lekker veel frisse lucht en kijk mogelijkheden voor de hond, met de regenhoes maak je de kar gemakkelijk waterdicht. Aan de achterzijde vind je nog opbergruimte om wat spulletjes mee te kunnen nemen. Een kar uit een net wat duurder segment, maar iedere euro waard door de kwaliteit, comfort en gebruikersgemak! Ik ben er ontzettend blij mee!
Our 4 Dogs love it!
Posted on 01-09-2023
Good quality, no stress. We can all ride The Subway. Trips are easier this wat;)
Great for our ageing husky!
Posted on 28-08-2023
Everything about this buggy is great from the off-road tyres, collapsible design with removable tyres, to the breathable material to keep our baby cool. My only quarrel would be the price, but you get what you pay for and this buggy is simply the best!
Life changing and that’s not an exaggeration
Posted on 22-08-2023
My poor girl was really suffering with her walking due to arthritis so after a great deal of soul searching purchased the Innopet Hercules. She weighs 29kg and I find it easy to push. She is able to stretch out nicely (she’s a Labrador) it’s so easy to manoeuvre the wheels are quick release making it easy to place in the boot of the car. Great sturdy wheels. Two things would make it perfect a cup/bottle holder for for the side of the handle and a hand brake. There is a pocket and two small fabric drinks bottle holders but my girl likes to face me and needs the covers open. All in all thrilled with my purchase and would highly recommend
Great dog stroller
Posted on 13-08-2023
Our dog has bilateral elbow dysplasia. She was put on rest as recommended by the vet. Our dog was getting depressed resting at home. However now she loves going out in her dog stroller. It is sturdy and east to handle. The brake is easy to use and the handle is easy to put in place and lock in position with pins on each side. It is great that it comes with the rain proof cover. I would recommend to anyone that has a large dog with nobility issues.
Free to roam again
Posted on 13-08-2023
My malamute has severe arthritis and has been struggling to walk. We used to spend hours walking about in his younger days, so he has found his deterioration frustrating. The hercules has allowed us to get out and about again so he's not stuck indoors or watching our other dog carry on without him. We began training with the wheels off and introduced it gradually in very short bursts. Within a week we had been on our first trip out. My boot is large enough that I don't have to remove the wheels to fit the hercules in the car, but they pop on and off really easily. I'm impressed with the stability and quality, and pushing even a large dog around is easy. My only complaint is that the front is slightly narrower than the back, so as Loki prefers to lie facing me and it's a bit of a squeeze turning around once in, it makes it difficult to get him in comfortably. If the front and back were the same width this would be perfect. However, I'm sure with practice we will figure it out. He tends to hang his paws over the edge, but it's surprisingly roomy inside, so it's a preference, not a necessity. I'm really pleased with the hercules and we have a lot of possibilities open to us again now.
Hondenfietskar Innopet Hercules 2.0
Posted on 03-08-2023
Super goed te woord gestaan, geweldig bedrijf! Netjes mogen ontvangen! En de kwaliteit van de fietskar is Perfekt! In elkaar zetten stelt niks voor! Ook fijn dat deze te gebruiken is als buggy! Gewoon super tevreden! Gekocht voor onze Duitse herder van 5 maanden oud!
Super Buggy
Posted on 01-08-2023
Super schnelle Lieferung. Buggy lässt sich einfach zusammenklappen für die Beförderung im Auto. Buggy läuft leicht, auch auf Spazierwegen bzw. Waldwegen. Habe Buggy für unsere Seniorenhündin gekauft. Sie sitzt gerne in den Buggy.
Well worth the money
Posted on 29-07-2023
Has improved the dog walking experience 100%. Easy to use, easy to store and the dog loves it. A great buy.
InnoPet Hercules 2.0
Posted on 12-07-2023
Our purchase of the InnoPet Hercules 2.0 was a great decision after our young staffie was involved in a nasty road traffic accident. We found it to be a good quality product that was very simple to assemble. It’s folds easily and has pockets for treats and poo bags. Ours came with a very useful rain cover (stored in the large rear pocket) for unexpected showers. Our dog has a long recovery journey ahead, but the purchase of the Hercules 2.0 has enabled us to take her out frequently each day, keeping her mind stimulated and preventing the inevitable boredom of being kept in at home. She loves being pushed around in it and is safely secured by 2 internal straps that we attach to her chest harness. We put a cushion and a fleece in the base to make the journey over rough terrain more comfortable and when she has fully recovered, we plan to attach the Hercules to a bike so we can go on lots more doggy adventures. When we are out and about, she does look like a bit of a princess sitting in the Hercules, but this just results in lots of chats with people interested in her recovery journey! We thoroughly recommend the InnoPet Hercules 2.0
Geweldig en praktisch
Posted on 28-06-2023
Zeer goede fiets/wandelkar. Zo kan onze oude trouwe viervoeter die net geopereerd is en slecht ter been, toch lekker mee met de wandelingen of fietstochten.
Great Quality
Posted on 26-06-2023
Easy to assemble and fold down, sturdy and easy to push, great quality overall!
Posted on 14-06-2023
Very tough, easy to put up and down. My lab x staffy loves it, we can get back to long walks again. He'll walk a bit then ride a bit.
The best dog stroller
Posted on 07-05-2023
Plenty of room for a large dog. Solid construction and easy to manoeuvre. Simply fold and store. Highly recommended.
Excellent Dog Transport System
Posted on 14-04-2023
The InnoPet transport arrived promptly, considering it was ordered on a Bank Holiday. It was exceptionally well wrapped and arrived in perfect condition. Perfect size for our 20kg Springer Spaniel plus room for another doggy pal too. Super easy to fold and can be pushed with one hand. Copes remarkably well with wet soggy ground and manoeuvres over rough pebbly ground with ease. On gravel pavements (not smooth tarmac) the front wheel does make a slight rattling sound which can be a tad irritating! It has a solid front swivel wheel so no punctures which is really helpful! Has pockets to store stuff. Brakes are great, although there is slight movement when the dog gets in/out or moves about inside so a nervous dog may need to get used to that. Raincover fits perfectly without any rustling and really love the fact dogs can enter and exit both ends with ease. It is far superior to our previous one (different make). Only thing we would change -It would be great if the top mesh also had an extra flap to put over to keep heat off, so dogs can relax in the shade on a warm day. Fantastic piece of kit which is in constant use. Great purchase, would highly recommend.
Great product
Posted on 04-04-2023
Loved it’s sturdiness, and it’s guaranteed fir two years, my dog loves going in it, so comfortable for her.
Great buggy
Posted on 14-08-2022
Bought the hercules for our ageing labrador. She gets in and out so i do the heavy work of pushing her up the hills and she walks on the flatter ground. She seems quite happy when in it and i think she has even more ideas of grandeur now!! Hopefully she will be able to enjoy it for many more years to come. Would recommend to others. Daisy has the typical labrador traits of elbow dysplasia, arthritis and lower back pain.
Excellent stroller for large husky
Posted on 24-07-2022
This has been a fantastic experience for me and my 13 year old husky who suffers with hip dysplasia and arthritis in his elbows and shoulders now. So struggles to walk more than 10/15 minutes without getting tired and weak. Tried it out for the first time over the weekend and took to it straight away, and is easy for him to hop in and out when wants. Now looking forward to using it at centerparcs in a few weeks along with future longer trips out together 😁