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InnoPet Hercules 2.0

Available colours
Available accessories
Your best friend, deserves high-quality

The Hercules 2.0 is specially designed for you. This stroller is known for its great carrying capacity so that you can take your four-legged friend everywhere.

  • Sturdy nylon fabric (600D)
  • 20 inch pneumatic tyres
  • Perfect ventilation
Fantastic features. Compactly stored.

Are you not using the Hercules for a while? Then, you can store this trailer compactly. Remove the wheels and store the trailer.

  • Folded within 30 seconds
  • Easy-release system for the wheels
An ironclad frame. You can see that right away.

Your big dog needs to feel safe and comfortable. That’s why we made an ironclad frame.

  • Suitable for breeds up to 50 kg
  • Can be used as bike trailer (optional)
  • The bike tow bar can be attached on the left or right side

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Can the InnoPet Hercules 2.0 be used with a normal bicycle?
Can the InnoPet Hercules 2.0 also be used behind an e-bike?
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Download the manual for the InnoPet Hercules 2.0 here.

How our customers experience this product

Of course we can tell you that many dogs are already happy with our products, but their pa(w)rents can do this much better.

I had already decided that when the time came for either of my labs to need a buggy then this would be the one to get from reading reviews. Whilst on holiday in Cornwall my Labrador, Jaffa tore her cruciate on the beach on the first day of the holiday. I thankfully was able to hire one of these buggy’s to get her round for the rest of the holiday. If it wasn’t for this, we would have had to have gone home. The buggy handled really well even on the beach and it was easy to collapse down and take the wheels off. Thankfully I didn’t need to use the rain cover. I think the flap on the rear pocket for the rain cover could be bigger as once got out and trying to get it back in there, it doesn’t close properly. Using the buggy for the week enabled me to give it a thorough test drive of it and I ordered one to be delivered when we returned home. It has continued to be invaluable with getting Jaffa out and about whilst she waited for surgery and now post surgery. When it is no longer required I plan to keep it for my labs as they get older, but in the mean time if any of my friends with dogs need the use of a buggy, then their lives can be made easier with the use of this buggy.
Geplaatst op 13-05-2024
Susanne Oud
Bailey loves her Buggy. She now gets to continue adventuring, seeing all the sights and smells with her sister. We’ve been on forrest & beach excursions. I find it super easy to push (and she’s 34kgs) and putting it together was a dream. High Paw 🐾 Rating from Bailey.
Geplaatst op 12-02-2024
Louise Jessel
We have had our innopet Hercules 2.0 for nearly a year. Our 50kg Labrador loves it as he gets to come everywhere. It is very robust and well made. There is only two small things I think could be improved. The handle moves up and down slightly which is annoying, also the wheels have little plastic parts which pop out if you are not vigilant and lose one, you can not put the wheel back on. I searched for spares just incase but could not find them. Otherwise this buggy is great.
Geplaatst op 09-02-2024

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