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Are you and your loyal four-legged friend no longer able to enjoy the outdoors together? Discover the InnoPet dog prams.

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InnoPet offers premium quality dog ​prams for all types of dog sizes and for every situation.

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Bike trailers

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InnoPet offers premium quality bike trailers for all types of dog sizes and for every situation.

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InnoPet City Hopper

Available colours
Available accessories
Multifunctional. For every journey together

The City Hopper has been designed to make traveling easy for both of you. Take your small pet with you everywhere you go!

  • Locking clips for the car
  • Very compact to fold
Safe and secure. The strength of the City Hopper

You can take your dog or cat anywhere, safe, secure and comfortable

  • Fully lockable cabin
  • Sufficient ventilation

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Download the manual for the InnoPet City Hopper here.

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Of course we can tell you that many dogs are already happy with our products, but their pa(w)rents can do this much better.

Excellent quality. Maneuverable stroller for walking, easy to fold for transport. Takes up little space in the apartment. Perfect for a black cat :)
Geplaatst op 26-10-2023
I bought this buggy a couple of weeks ago and used it twice for my two cats. I was looking for a buggy where the frame is separated from the carrier-basket, because I have to walk 5 floors down to the street. Having both things separated makes it much easier. Further, I needed a buggy with zippers instead of a click-frame. Because with cats one can’t just open the whole thing and with the zippers I could get my hand/arm inside without opening a whole carrier. So these buggy offered exactly what I was looking for. It is solid and easy to assemble. Now the issues. First, I miss some kind of little bag or tray attached to the buggy to store some stuff. Second, the mechanism to fold the frame doesn’t work properly since it arrived. It just is stuck and cannot get folded. Whatever I try, it doesn’t work. And sometimes out of nowhere it works. This really sucks.
Geplaatst op 03-10-2023
A de Jongh
Moest noodgedwongen mijn innopet Monaco buggy weg doen. Wegens omstandigheden heb ik een kleinere auto en daar paste de Monaco niet in. Maar nu ik de kleinere City hopper binnen heb ben ik supertevreden. Wat een mooie buggy en hij loopt heerlijk , fijne wielen , stuurt goed en onze twee hondjes passen er prima in. Op het onderstel past een Basil bagagedrager tas voor de boodschapjes , stuurtasje eraan en de buggy kan hetzelfde als de grotere Monaco , is van dezelfde kwaliteit en pas met gemak in de auto. Blij met deze aankoop.
Geplaatst op 27-06-2023

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