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Dog prams

Dog prams

Are you and your loyal four-legged friend no longer able to enjoy the outdoors together? Discover the InnoPet dog prams.

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InnoPet offers premium quality dog ​prams for all types of dog sizes and for every situation.

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Bike trailers

Bike trailers

Do you love cycling? Enjoy long distance cycling tours with our bike trailers. Suitable for every weight and every size.

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InnoPet offers premium quality bike trailers for all types of dog sizes and for every situation.

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More products

Check out our other products and find the perfect fit for you and your dog.

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New: InnoPet Premium Cozy Air with even more shock absorption

Allow your dog to enjoy the outdoors carefree. The InnoPet Premium Cozy Air with pneumatic tyres and rear axle suspension offers optimal protection against shocks from bumpy surfaces. Smoother rides for your dog and for yourself.

Our mission: A lifetime connection with your pet

Enabling dogs and their owners to always be together. That’s what InnoPet stands for. Our products enable you to push boundaries and go on adventures together again. No limitations, but possibilities. And we have been creating those possibilities for 15 years now.

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For every situation and for every dog

Every dog is different. Different breeds, different sizes and different ages. But every dog must be able to discover the world, right? That’s why our products are suitable for all dogs and every stage of life. What are you going to do together?
Walk together
Do you want to make that lovely walk in the park or in the forest together again? We have a solution for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy nature or the city: your loyal friend will join you.
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Cycle together
Do you like cycling? Your dog can join you. Dogs love it, with their nose in the wind and fluttering hair. Enjoy long distance cycling tours with our bike trailers. Suitable for every weight and every size. Nothing will stop you.
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Travel together
Are you going to travel? Whether you travel by car or public transport: you want to bring your pet safely with you. Our bags, trolleys and (travel) benches are perfect for that. Wherever you go.
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Want to make sure our products are the right fit for you and your dog? Experience the InnoPet products in real life. With more than 800 points of sale across Europe, there is always a store nearby.


Our customers' favourites

PremiumCozyAir -Beige 6
InnoPet Premium Cozy Air
The InnoPet Premium Cozy has already proven itself as a stylish and comfortable dog pram for owner and dog. Thanks to suspension at the rear axle, every walk is smooth. With the addition of pneumatic tyres, shocks are absorbed even better while driving. Dogs with osteoarthritis, IVDD or dysplasia experience less pain during a shock-free ride. Bumpy roads, forest paths, gravel and grass are no challenge for the Premium Cozy Air. The rubber pneumatic tyres have more tread than PU-tyres. This ensures better grip on slippery surfaces. The InnoPet Premium dog strollers can be expanded with an Orthopedic cushion and cushion covers in various colours.
InnoPet Comfort Air ECO
Does your dog have a medical condition, don’t you want too large distances for your puppy or is he too old to make long walks? Then, you need the dog pram. You buy the InnoPet Comfort Air ECO because you only want the very best for your loyal four-legged friend. Maximum comfort thanks to the large pneumatic tyres, a spacious lying surface, strong fastening lines and lots of ventilation. The pram can handle a weight up to maximum 25 kilos. Are you on the road or don’t you use the pram for a while, you can fold it with just one hand and store it compactly. Quality and comfort for you and your pet.
InnoPet Sporty Dog Trailer Deluxe
The Sporty Dog Trailer is more than just a dog stroller, it is the perfect way to enjoy all your favourite activities with your best friend. Take your dog to the park as a puppy and play or let it sleep for a while. Or enjoy a lovely cycling tour with your senior dog! Whether you go cycling or walking, this multifunctional dog trailer ensures that you and your dog can explore the world together, even if it seems limited due to disability. This sporty bike has a streamlined design. There is a lot of ventilation. The large pneumatic tyres ensure maximum comfort and a lot of attention has also been paid to safety. For example, extra strong hooks have been placed in the cabin to safely secure your loyal four-legged friend. Use the Sporty Dog Trailer for cycling or walking – an iconic InnoPet product. Are you planning on using a bike trailer on your electric bicycle? Please read our safety advise here.

Why you and your dog will love InnoPet


How our customers experience our products

Of course we can tell you that many dogs are already happy with our products, but their pa(w)rents can do this much better.

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Submitted on 24-07-2024
I love this pet stroller for my cat Leo. He's an indoor cat so doesn't get out. I've bought this because of its quality for starters..and it being robust on walking on terrain. When I first used it I've never seen Leo so happy taking his little stroll, watching the birdie's and passers buy saying hello. It's so smooth to push and very secure for my Leo. I put a harness on him and attach it to the clips provided, I don't have to worry as he loves it so much he cries to go back out when we come home. The two openings are ideal too, as he likes to get in it himself. He also has a nap in it during the day. It's very easily folded down with one clip folding. I also bought the rain over for rainy days. The little matching bag is a bonus to put he's drink and treats in. I would highly recommend getting one of these for your pet as it's ideal. Thank you Innopet :)
Bought a:
InnoPet Comfort Air ECO
Submitted on 24-07-2024
The Hercules 2 feels so sturdy. It’s everything we needed. It’s made our old boy so happy! I’m hoping we get many more years with him and his new found freedom. The carriage is very spacious. It’s easy to push, even with a heavy dog sat in it. We are very pleased with it!
Bought a:
InnoPet Hercules 2.0

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