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Taking the dog stroller on vacation

Dachshund Maxi is going on vacation to the south of France with his owners Jan and Nel. Due to arthritis, Maxi can no longer walk as long as he used to. Because they still want to go for day trips when on vacation, Jan and Nel bought a dog stroller for Maxi. Now the humans can go for long walks without exhausting little Maxi.

12 June 2 minutes reading time
Taking the dog stroller on vacation

Canine Arthritis

Dachshund Maxi is only 6 years old, but had increasing difficulty walking. After examination at the animal hospital, the dog was found to have arthritis. The MRI showed that the left shoulder had very little cartilage left and there was almost complete bone overgrowth. Understandably very painful for little Maxi. The vet recommended only walking small distances.

Short walks

Walking short distances can quickly become boring for both dog and human. Moreover, it can become hard on yourself to lift your dog when it cannot walk any further.

With a holiday to the south of France on the way, the owners soon started looking for a dog stroller for their dog Maxi. There is a huge choice in dog strollers these, so where do you start looking?

Seeking a dog stroller

Pet owner Jan knows that cheap can be expensive. Jan and Nel wanted a dog stroller that would last several years and not break down after one season. An InnoPet dog stroller was therefore their preferred choice. After researching online and reading the many positive reviews, Jan knew for sure. Dog and owners visited a shop with InnoPet show models. There, Maxi was allowed to test out the dog strollers.

In the shop, Dachshund Maxi was a bit nervous. With so many sounds, lights and smells, being in a dog stroller for the first time can be a little stressful. Jan and Nel eventually chose the InnoPet Premium Cozy in beige. Back home, the dog stroller was tested again. Fortunately, Maxi felt more relaxed and the rides outside were to his satisfaction.

Dog stroller on vacation

The Premium Cozy dog stroller fits easily into the caravan. And taking off the wheels makes the stroller more compact. Maxi, his humans and the dog stroller are all leaving happily for the campsite in the South of France.

The InnoPet team wishes Maxi and his owners a happy holiday and many comfortable kilometres!


Are you looking for a dog stroller for your vacation, but don’t know which one suits you best? If so, contact us, we will be happy to help you find a dog stroller that suits your vacation needs.

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