With ​​InnoPet products you contribute to the health of people, pets and the environment!

We hear it more and more, climate change is a major concern in the world and if we don’t change anything now, we will suffer of it in the future. We believe that every company – large or small – can make a contribution to the environment and that is why we at InnoPet have decided to produce our products in an eco-friendly way. We have learned that you can also make an impact with just a few small changes!

The first step we have taken is to make the packaging eco-friendly for our runners, such as the Comfort EFA, Comfort Air, Sporty Dog Trailer, Sporty Evolution, Hercules 2.0 and the All Terrain. For example, we have had the boxes made from recycled material, we have replaced the plastic bags with recycled PE bags and we have replaced the plastic tape with paper tape. The impact will amaze you!

With the InnoPet Comfort EFA alone, we have already eliminated over 8.5 kilometers of plastic tape by replacing it with paper tape. We have also replaced unnecessary plastic (such as the plastic cup holder) with sustainable alternatives for this product. The result: 1,000 kilos of plastic savings per year for this item alone.

Due to the awareness of this impact, we have decided to have all our pet strollers packaged in an eco-friendly manner. This small step enables us to make a very positive contribution to people, pets and the environment every year!

Ecofriendly packaging

With only our runners we will replace approximately 10.000 boxes to eco-friendly boxes!

Plastic Bags

We will replace approximately 10.000 plastic bags by recylcled PE-bags

Paper tape

By replacing the plastic tape to paper-tape we get rid of 25 kilometers of plastic tape use per year.
This is more than 200 football fields together!

Cup holder

We replace the plastic cup holder for the Comfort EFA and Comfort AIR by recycled organizers and have reduced over 1.500KGS of plastic by this small step!

It’s just a start, but we intend to provide all InnoPet products with eco-friendly packaging before the end of 2025 and eliminate unnecessary plastic from our products.

As a retailer you also contribute to people, pets and the environment by selling InnoPet products. Are you interested in including our products in your range? Please feel free to contact us by filling in the form below. We will contact you shortly to discuss the possibilities.