Your customers need a pet stroller for almost all stages of their dog’s life. Whether they are a puppy or eldery, healthy or suffering from ailments, temporarily or permanently. We tell you why customers need a dog buggy at every stage of life and why you should offer them in your (web)shop.

Lifestage 1 – Puppy:
This is a phase of life where a bell does not immediately ring to purchase a dog buggy. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to inform customers that the dog buggy can be of great added value. Firstly, this has to do with the fact that a puppy is not allowed to walk for long in his first months, customers are not aware that excessive exercise in the young years can result in many joint complaints. The rule of thumb for a walk with a puppy between 2 and 8 months is 10 minutes per month of life. Does your customer want to play with the puppy in the park, but is the walk there and back too long? Then the buggy is the perfect solution for this!

Lifestage 2 – Eldery dog:
This is a life stage that makes much more sense to pet owners. If your client’s dog gets old, a limitation in mobility cannot be ruled out. Common (joint) problems are, for example, osteoarthritis, which unfortunately affects more than 20% of all dogs in severe sizes and more than 50% in minor sizes. Keeping moving is recommended in case of osteoarthritis, but again the following applies; as soon as your dog needs rest, the buggy is a perfect solution. Thanks to the buggy, your customers can therefore bring happiness back by being able to go out whenever the dog wants!

Temporary use:
Renting out a buggy is an emerging market, and that is not surprising. There are a large number of dog owners who only need a buggy on a temporary basis. For example after castration or surgery. As a retailer, you can offer an extra service by offering a buggy for temporary rental.

Permanent use:
Unfortunately, there are also many dogs that permanently require a dog stroller due to strong mobility limitations or visual impairment. Because the dog can now sit safely in a buggy, they can still go everywhere and they do not have to stay at home.

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