IT-02 InnoPet® Traveller Jaguar


InnoPet Traveller Jaguar ( IT-02 )

The InnoPet® Traveler jaguar is on of our newest products which meets the highest standards regarding transport bags. The Traveller Jaguar is made out of the best materials and especially attention has been paid to the design. The PonPom completes this fabulous carrier. A luxury transport bag that is also suitable for the airplane. The different materials that are being used give this bag an exclusive character. To be used as a handbag and as a shoulder bag. This carrier is really cool, trendy and timeless !

Removable soft furry mattress (with zipper)
Maximum load: 6 kg
Carrier dimensions: 37 x 27 x 17 cm
2  pockets to store your belongings or e.g. the shoulder strap
2 Velcro strips available for even more firmness!
Leash inside to secure your dog
Includes an adjustable shoulder strap
Including InnoPet “dustbag” so you can store the bag neatly when not in use
Material 50% nylon, 50% Pu Leather and the Lining is made out of 100% polyester
Color: black




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