PCG-06 InnoPet® Carrier All in One 102cm

The InnoPet® Carrier All In One is a carry bag and dog cage in one made out of heavy duty fabric and metal frame. The carrier is easy to fold for easy storage.

Avialable in 7 sizes: PCG-01  50x35x35 | PCG-02  60x42x42PCG-03 70x52x52 | PCG-04  80x58x58 | PCG-05 91x63x63 |PCG-06 102x69x69 | PCG-07 122x79x79

  • Durable fabric 600D
  • Includes fur blanket
  • Includes pins to attach the carrier at the surface
  • Rubber plates for protection of the fabric under the carrier
  • The carrier has three entrances (front side and top)
  • 1 bag which is removable
  • Lockable storage box at the top of the carrier
  • The carrier can be blindfolded
  • Travelbag included. Color Grey/Black.



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