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How to plan a dog friendly holiday

Who doesn’t enjoy a holiday? You want to make sure your trip is enjoyable for every family member, your dog included. Read these tips to plan your dog friendly holiday.

9 November 4 minutes reading time
How to plan a dog friendly holiday

Dog friendly holiday destinations

Once you have decided where you want to go, it is time to look for a place to stay and attractions to visit. To make your dog’s stay a pleasant one, check these things first:

  • Does the hotel or accommodation allow dogs? If so, request a room on the ground floor if there is no lift.
  • Are there areas to comfortably walk your dog near the accommodation?
  • Do the attractions and places you want to visit allow dogs?
  • Does the climate agree with your dog? If your destination is much warmer or colder than your dog is used to, you might have to bring along accessories for them.

Taking your dog abroad

So you are taking your dog on a trip abroad. Not every country has the same rules about pets. Usually you will find the rules and regulations on the government website of your own country and of the country you are visiting. When traveling in the EU, your dog will need:

  • A microchip
  • A valid rabies vaccination
  • An animal health certificate or valid pet passport
  • Tapeworm treatment

Be sure to make an appointment with your vet well before your trip to make sure they are fit to travel.

If you are traveling by plane, do not forget to check the airline’s guidelines on traveling with your dog.

Summer holiday with your dog

It is the summer and you and your dog are enjoying the warm weather! Are you going on a trip abroad or having a staycation with your dog? When visiting busy places with your dog during summer holidays, you may want to consider the following safety and health risks:

  • Make sure your dog drinks enough water. When you are going away from home, be sure to bring a bottle of water and a bowl for your dog to drink from.
  • Shade and rest. Offer your dog rest and a place out of the sun when going outdoors. When you and your dog are out and about for a full day, make sure they have several moments where they can rest.
  • Busy tourist attractions. When visiting a place with high foot traffic, be sure no one steps on your dog’s paws.
  • Hot pavement. The pavement and sidewalk heat up during the summer. Check whether the ground is not too hot for your do to walk on, by placing your own hand on the surface for 10 seconds.

A sure way to offer your dog a place to rest and out of the sun, is by bringing a dog stroller along with you on your trips. Also, it is more likely you are allowed into shops and tourist attractions when your dog is sitting inside a closed dog pram.

Winter holiday with your dog

Maybe the cold at home is driving you to warmer climates, or are you keen on visiting Christmas markets with your dog. When you are taking your dog to a place with high foot traffic (like a Christmas fair) you will have to consider the following safety risks:

  • Food on the ground. Your dog may eat a snack that poses a health risk.
  • A large crowd. No matter the size of your dog, other people may easily overlook them. Having someone step on their paws is dangerous.
  • Sore feet. There may be litter on the ground or uneven pavement that can cause your dog’s feet to get hurt. Also consider the cold ground in the winter.

When you are bringing your dog along to a Christmas fair, you may want to consider bringing a dog stroller. There is no chance of them eating from the ground or hurting their feet when they sit safely in their dog pram.

Enjoy your trip with your dog

Do not forget to bring a familiar object from home with you on your trip. Your dog will be much more relaxed if they have a blanket that smells like home or a toy.

Are you looking for a stroller to bring along with you on a holiday? Find a dog stroller for your holiday trip.



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