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8 Steps: let your dog get used to a dog stroller

Not every pet wants to be in a dog stroller the first time. These steps will help you get your dog used to the new buggy.

21 March 3 minutes reading time
8 Steps: let your dog get used to a dog stroller

Before you begin

Let your dog get used to the dog buggy slowly. Don’t put a nervous dog or cat in the buggy at once or force them to stay seated. This can create an aversion or fear that makes your pet unwilling to sit in the buggy voluntarily.

1. Take the dog stroller out of the box and place on the floor
Remove the buggy from the box and remove any plastic and cardboard packaging material. Leave the dog stroller collapsed on the floor. Do this in the living room or a room where your dog is allowed and the buggy is not in the way.

2. Let your dog sniff and explore the dog buggy
The buggy is often not so scary yet when the buggy is folded on the ground. Let your pet get used to the smell of the buggy. A cat may even want to climb  on the buggy. You can easily tell from your pet’s reaction whether they find the dog buggy a little scary, or not at all. Always stay with them though! You don’t want your pet to accidentally get hurt because the stroller shifts.

3. Assemble and unfold the dog stroller
Use the instructions to assemble the buggy. Unfold the stroller completely, open the cabin and put the rear wheels on the brake.

4. Let your dog sniff the unfolded dog stroller
The exploration continues! Keep an eye on your pet while they sniff the cabin and wheels. Your dog or cat might already try to jump into the cabin by themselves.

5. Put familiar objects in the dog stroller
Take a blanket, bed or pillow belonging to your pet and put it in the dog buggy. You can also choose to put some familiar toys in the buggy.

6. Lift your dog into the dog stroller
Lift your dog into the buggy or entice them to jump into the buggy themselves with a treat. If your pet does not cooperate, stop and try again later. Give them another chance to smell the stroller without forcing your pet to sit in the stroller.

7. Let your dog sit or lie down in the dog stroller
If your pet shows signs of wanting to jump out of the buggy, sit next to them. Talk to your pet, give them another treat and pet them. It is important that your pet eventually feels confident to sit calmly in the buggy.
Give your dog the command to sit or lie down and keep them there for a while. You can now practice closing the cabin if necessary.

8. Start moving the dog stroller
Once your dog is sitting still in the buggy and has managed to close the cabin, you can take the dog stroller off the brake. Walk back and forth through the room for a moment. If you see that your pet is scared or stressed, stop. Give your pet time to get used to the buggy and, if necessary, go through some of the above steps again.


Now that your dog or cat is used to sitting in the dog stroller, it’s time for adventure! Make sure you attach your pet’s harness to the leashes in the dog stroller, especially when the cabin is open. Prevent your cat or dog from jumping out of the dog buggy while walking by closing the cabin.

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