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Are you and your loyal four-legged friend no longer able to enjoy the outdoors together? Discover the InnoPet dog prams.

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InnoPet offers premium quality dog ​prams for all types of dog sizes and for every situation.

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Bike trailers

Do you love cycling? Enjoy long distance cycling tours with our bike trailers. Suitable for every weight and every size.

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InnoPet offers premium quality bike trailers for all types of dog sizes and for every situation.

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Safe cycling with your InnoPet bike trailer

Outings with your dog are even easier with the help of a bike trailer. Together with your four-legged friend, you can cycle through town or the countryside. And when you arrive at your destination, you can easily detach the bike tow bar and use your dog bike trailer as a dog pram. Read our advice on how to take your dog and bike trailer on the road safely.

18 April 3 minutes reading time
Safe cycling with your InnoPet bike trailer

Once you’ve connected the bike trailer to your bicycle, you’re good to go! Need help assembling the tow bar? Then have a look at the manual and video here.

Like pulling a caravan

Maybe you have never before driven with a trailer or caravan behind your car, but you have probably seen a video of a caravan that tips over with the car. Now, a bicycle trailer is not a caravan, but you will notice that manoeuvring with a trailer attached to your bike is slightly different than normal. So while cycling with a bicycle trailer, keep the following safety warnings in mind.

Speed limit with bike trailer

We recommend cycling no faster than 16 km/h (10mph) on straight roads (with smooth pavement). Do you have an e-bike? Then be careful not to exceed this speed. The risk of your bike trailer overturning or tipping over due to uneven road surfaces is increased with high speed.

Taking corners with the bike trailer

Just going around corners with your bike is not that tricky. With your bike trailer you are less manoeuvrable than you are used to. Always take the bend as wide as you can. If you take the corner too tight, you might fall over with the trailer. If you cannot make the bend wide, make sure you take the bend slowly.

Pay extra special attention to this when you take the corner:

  • We recommend always taking a bend at a maximum speed of 5km/h.
  • Prevent a wheel of the trailer from hitting a kerb or verge.
  • Avoid making the bend too sharp. If the tow bar touches the rear tyre of your bike, you may skid. Also, if the bike rod bends far away from your rear wheel, it may damage the bike tow bar or the connecting element.

Dog shifts in bike trailer

Your pet may decide it wants to change its sitting or lying position in the bike trailer. Bear in mind that you are likely to feel this shift when you cycle. You may feel a tug on your rear wheel, especially if your dog is a bit heavier. Make sure your dog does not lie too far forward in the trailer. The front of the bike trailer (where the front wheel normally is) can drag on the ground, damaging the stroller and causing dangerous situations.

Backing up with the bike trailer

You want to turn around with your bike and bike trailer in a place where it is too narrow to make a U-turn. Walking backwards with the bike trailer attached to your bike is extremely difficult. We therefore advise you to disconnect the trailer from your bike to turn the trailer and bike separately.

Dog bike trailer connector to bicycle

E-bike, pedelec, fatbike or electric bicycle with bike trailer

InnoPet does not recommend using a bike trailer in combination with a power-assisted vehicle such as an electric bicycle. These vehicles easily exceed the maximum recommended speed of 16 km/h (10mph). This may cause dangerous situations. Still planning to use a bike trailer with a power-assisted bicycle? Then take this into account:

An InnoPet bike trailer is connected to the rear axle of the bicycle. It is often not possible to install the connector on a rear-wheel-drive electric bike. To be sure, ask your bike shop if it is possible to attach the InnoPet bike connector to your (electric) bike or have your bicycle mechanic have a look at the instruction video.

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