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Secondhand dog stroller

A dog stroller can be an expensive investment. Especially if you are not sure how long your dog is going to use it. A second-hand dog stroller can then be a perfect solution. We explain what to look out for when buying a second-hand dog pram.

20 June 3 minutes reading time
Secondhand dog stroller

The advert

If you are looking for a secondhand dog stroller, you probably do so online. Facebook Marketplace and Vinted are popular places to offer second-hand dog products.

Unfortunately, some of them are scams. You buy the product through them and once you have paid, you do not hear from them. These are signs that an ad could be from a scammer:

  • Low price
    The price of the dog stroller is much lower than similar products from other sellers.
  • Reviews
    The seller has no reviews or only bad reviews on their sales account.
  • Communication
    The seller wants you to make your decision and payment quickly.
  • Delivery
    The seller does not want you to pick up the product, but has it picked up by a parcel service they choose.
  • Payment
    The seller wants you to pay using an app or link you are not familiar with.

Quality of secondhand dog stroller

Do you want to enjoy your new second-hand dog stroller for a long time to come? Or are you only going to use the stroller a few times and then it goes back on marketplace?

If you’re looking for a used dog stroller that will last, choose a brand that offers spare parts. You might want to replace the cover or a wheel, even though the previous owner took such good care of the dog stroller.

You could potentially ask the seller these questions:

– Why are they getting rid of the stroller?

– Have they ever had any problems using the stroller themselves?

– Does the folding mechanism still work properly?

– Is there any damage in the fabric?

– Are all the wheels still straight?


With InnoPet products, it is often possible to request spare parts. Think of parts such as the cover, wheels or axle. Enquire about InnoPet spare parts via the enquiry form.

Getting the dog used to the secondhand dog stroller

The used dog stroller probably still has the smell and maybe even hair from the previous passenger. Thoroughly clean the dog stroller’s cabin. Use the hoover to remove hair and dirt. Then use a cloth and lukewarm water with some mild soap if necessary. Let the stroller dry thoroughly.

In general, dogs do not like being put in a dog stroller the first time. If your pet is a bit uncomfortable with new objects, use our step-by-step plan to get your dog used to the dog stroller.

Maintaining dog strollers

Now that you finally have your secondhand dog stroller, you obviously want to be able to use it for as long as possible. Maintain your stroller by storing it dry and regularly lubricating the wheels. Take a look at our Support Centre article on maintaining InnoPet dog strollers.

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