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Dog stroller or cat stroller?

Nicky got the InnoPet Premium Cozy for her two Norwegian forest cats; Thor and Freya. Norwegian forest cats can be quite heavy, adult males can weigh up to 9 kg! No wonder when you have two or more of these cats, it can be quite the hassle to transport them. Proud cat mom Nicky has two Norwegian forest cats and in a couple of weeks a Norwegian forest kitten is joining the family.

5 September 3 minutes reading time

Pet stroller requirements

When Nicky was looking for a stroller for her two cats Thor and Freya, she had two requirements. It had to carry the weight of both cats, over 12 kilograms. And the wheels should be able to ride over uneven surfaces like grass and gravel. With a weight limit of 25 kg, the InnoPet Premium Cozy is a perfect match for Nicky. The PU wheels and 360° rotating front wheel have no trouble rolling over grass and other uneven surfaces. Even a stroll over the beach shouldn’t be a challenge for the Premium Cozy.

Stroller vs. carrier

Thor often suffers from cat flu. Trips to the vet are common for both Thor and Freya. Using a pet stroller is not only easier to transport the two cats to the vet, it also keeps the cats more relaxed. Cats are rarely glad to be transported in a crate or pet carrier. In their stroller, the cats have a better view of their surroundings. They can also easily make eye contact with their cat mom for reassurance. For Nicky, pushing a stroller is much easier than having to carry pet carriers.

When going outside, Nicky straps the two cats into their harnesses and attaches those to the sturdy fastening lines inside the cabin of the stroller. The cats sit quietly in their pet stroller. Nicky mentions that Freya used to start panting while being transported in a cat carrier. A panting cat is a sign of extreme stress or fear. It seems Freya is more comfortable being transported in the stroller.

Vrouw loopt met hondenbuggy Kat in hondenbuggy Kat springt in hondenbuggy

Letting the cats get familiar

When Nicky first got her InnoPet Premium Cozy, she knew she had to let the cats get familiar with the stroller before going out with them. So, after taking the pet stroller out of its box, she left it in the living room on the floor. After unfolding the stroller, the cats started sniffing, exploring and jumping inside. In our opinion this is the perfect way to get your pet to get used to their stroller. Through playing, sniffing and exploring, they learn not to be afraid of the foreign contraption.

Growing the cat family

Kitten Loki is due to join Nicky’s family in just a few weeks. A third Norwegian forest cat! For the time being, her InnoPet Premium Cozy will be sufficient to carry the two adult cats and the one kitten. But when Loki reaches full size, getting either a second pet stroller or bigger model that fits three sizable cats will be considered. We’d recommend getting a larger stroller, like the InnoPet Sporty Evolution or the InnoPet Sporty Deluxe. They both offer ample space for the three fluffy cats.

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