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Dog prams

Are you and your loyal four-legged friend no longer able to enjoy the outdoors together? Discover the InnoPet dog prams.

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InnoPet offers premium quality dog ​prams for all types of dog sizes and for every situation.

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Bike trailers

Do you love cycling? Enjoy long distance cycling tours with our bike trailers. Suitable for every weight and every size.

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InnoPet offers premium quality bike trailers for all types of dog sizes and for every situation.

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Getting a good start with your puppy? InnoPet helps you

How cute they are! So sweet and small. Perhaps it is your first puppy or you have raised one before. One thing is for sure: a good start is vital for a happy dog's life.

2 December 2 minutes reading time

Woohoo! A puppy!

A puppy is on the way or maybe he or she is already here. Super fun! A great time is coming when you will form a strong bond, your puppy will discover the world and has a lot to learn. Your puppy is growing, so the right movements and building up the amount of exercise is very important. Of course you want to do it all right, because your puppy deserves the very best! Our products make it easier, more fun and safer for you.

Your pup’s most important period

When your puppy is between 8 and 12 weeks old, it needs to be socialised. A puppy is then fear-free and needs positive experiences in everything he or she will have to deal with for the rest of his or her life. So this is the most important period in your pup’s life! So between eating, drinking and sleeping, your pup has a lot to get to know and experience. Think: the environment, sounds, peers, different people of different ages, busy places, traffic, etc. Our dog prams are perfect for this as your pup is safe, can do more without moving too much and sleep well on the way back.

Which dog pram do you choose?

Of course you want the very best for your puppy and so do we. So our mission is: carefree outings together. Our dog prams are comfortable and of high quality so your puppy will feel comfortable and safe on the road. Besides, there is so much to see from the pram! A real must-have for a good start. Now all we need to do is pick a stroller.


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Checklist: this is how to socialise your pup
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Checklist: this is how to socialise your pup

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